Friday, 23 August 2013

David Austin Standard Roses

Years ago my grandmother had standard roses in the garden, Queen Elizabeth I think. But these roses withered and the only thing left were the wild runners that would shoot up from time to time. So this year we put in three new lovely standard roses. I chose soft colours with an emphasis on reblooming and exceptional fragrance. These are the roses I planted. All are from David Austin.

The Pilgrim:

A rather fetching filled flower with a pure yellow heart that gets paler towards the outside of the flower. It has a nice almost citrus toned fragrance. The flowers are medium sized but there are a lot of them.

Lady Emma Hamilton, is perhaps my favourite of the three. It has the strongest fragrance which is intensely rosy. But the colour is the most stunning thing. It is an fetching orangy apricot fading to a lighter pinkish hue that contrasts with the dark red buds and fresh foliage.

Finally the spectacularly blousey Abraham Darby. It just finished flowering so I will update this post once the new flush of buds has opened.

I think I might stick a couple more roses next to these once bare root season has started.

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