Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Euphorbia Lactea 'Ghost'

Finally got my hands on a very cool little Euphorbia Lactea 'Ghost'. There is something really appealing about this almost completely white plant. At the moment I am keeping it outside to get a little bit of warmth and sunshine, but when I have it inside it will definitely be placed somewhere with a dark background to make it really stand out.

Out of all the plants for sale this  specimen had the least green. As you can see there is some mottling but depending how you position the plant this can be almost completely hidden. If inside it will be kept with the mottled side facing the window to make sure there can be a little bit of photosynthesis whilst the plant appears almost completely white when you face it.

It is growing at the moment. The tiny leaves are temporary but I am rather fascinated by the bright pink that appears at the growing tips. I suspect this is temporary as well but for now it just ups the delicious weirdness.

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Rina said...

This plant is very pretty
Where you buy it, is there any online store can you recommend for this ?