Thursday, 6 March 2014

Growth Report Aloe Polyphylla

First off I'd like to apologize for not blogging for so long here. I was utterly distracted by my other blogs and after all it was winter and not much was happening. What a winter though, while the polar vortex was blasting America, winter over here has been exceptionally mild. Which is why my Aloe Polyphylla have been spending all winter outside and they seemed to love it.

Last year I lost my large Polyphylla to a single drop of water in the crown. But having them outside makes them much more resistant. As  you can see I keep them angled but I can assure you some rain has gotten to them. But they don't seem to mind. Being outside also keeps them strong, as you can see when I bought my new big Aloe it was all pale and flabby.

It has done some good growing, so good in fact that I think I'll repot it again this year. With a little bit of luck I should be seeing that lovely spiraling pattern this year.

In comparison the smaller Polyphylla looks tiny. But if you see how tiny it was to begin with, I'm quite happy.

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